Big News! Trout Up releases River Cowboy!

Trout Up, a brand for the outdoorsman, announced a new product line called River Cowboy! The release of this new line comes after the company's decision to embrace more than just the fisherman audience.

"With this new product line, we will be reaching a larger target audience, outdoorsman as a whole," said Joe McNierney, co-owner. "We wanted to embrace the full community of outdoorsmen, and felt that an additional product line was necessary to welcome that audience. With this addition, we hope to attract more than just fisherman, but all those who have a love of the outdoors."

The company will continue to produce quality products with a premium brand for apparel, coffee, leather goods and more. "There will be no change in quality with this new line. You can still expect the same great products and service as before, but with more variety" adds McNierney. 

The new product line comes with a new logo, name, graphics and website. To see the new product line, check out

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